a lyttle about me...

Mariah Lyttle is a Jamaican - American theatre artist from Bridgeport, Connecticut. She is the youngest in her family, which usually means that she is the favorite, and gets away with just about everything. Some of Mariah's favorite pastimes include watching copious amounts of Netflix, eating tons of pesci-vegan friendly meals (bonus if they're Mexican), health and body mindfulness, and going on any and every adventure that comes about. 


Mariah has always been in love with singing, since she joined her church choir at the age of 11. However, her first experience with theatre was in her freshman year of high school when she was cast in the ensemble of Footloose. When she performed in Ragtime that same year as Sarah, she realized that theatre was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life; it became the prime way to express her true self.


Now, a 2019 graduate from Ithaca College's BFA Musical Theatre program, Mariah has finally taken the leap of faith and has relocated to Manhattan to continue chasing her dreams. Not only is she pursuing theatre, but she is also crossing over into the television/film, as well as songwriting! She is currently signed with D.G.R.W., Inc.